woensdag 7 januari 2009


No, don't worry, I haven't developed an intense fear of water. But the edges of my plates have. I've used Rain-Clear on them. It's originally used to make car windshields water-repellent to improve your visibility during rain. Instead of clinging to the surface, drops just run off the glass.

I coated one side of the plates completely and only a small border around the edges on the other side. Now during pouring the gelatin only sticks to the uncoated region, and the edges dry more evenly, resulting in very uniform coatings.

WARNING: It looks like this stuff really forms a chemical bond to the glass. It's probably a silane compound with a very hydrophobic group at the end. Even after cleaning many times, it's still on the plates. A good thing if you want to reuse the plates, but make sure you don't get the tiniest drop of the stuff on the region you want coated.

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